Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Owls

We visited about owls and what they knew about them.  They knew owls had feathers and went Whooo!  There was a lot of hooting in the art room.  We reviewed patterns, and we worked on making scalloped lines for the feathers. Then the fun began!
They worked hard on trying to use the broad side of the marker to get a thick line.  It is a little tricky for little hands.  Our owls were quite colorful.

Check Out Our New Tables!

I love our new tables!!  I don't know how old the other tables were, but they were here when I started teaching at Deuel 15 years ago.  They were well used.  We also got new counter tops for our cupboards.  They are black with gold streaks.  They wash up much better than the varnished plywood that was there before.  Next?  You ask.  Well I think it is a about time for a new sink.
What do you think?
We do clean it!

JK Pumpkin Painting

On Wednesday the JK students marched into the art room loaded down with their pumpkin and ideas of what they wanted to turn their pumpkins into.  They donned their paint shirts and began painting up a storm.  By the end of class their pumpkins were transformed into bats, spiders and all types of creatures.

Help us with Artsonia

We are having a challenge to try to get all parents to register their students' Artsonia account.  Your child should have brought a slip of paper with a password that is needed for you to open their account, if it didn't show up just email me.  When your child's class reaches their goal, they will have a popcorn party during their art time.

7th grade Lion's Club Peace poster contest

The seventh Grades are working on the Lion's Club Peace Poster contest..  The theme this year is Our World, Our Future.  We spent time looking at past winners and talking why they were winners.  Then we brainstormed for ideas.  No words and numbers can be on the poster, so we have to show Our World, Our Future with pictures and symbols.  The medium is up to each student.  One of our students will win the local contest.  Hopefully someone from our school will place at state and go on to the national contest.

Watch a video about the contest
Lion's Club Peace Poster Blog

Monday, October 28, 2013


Rangoli is a radial design that is a temporary art form.  That is placed at an entrance to a home in India.  It is meant to be a decoration that is to bring good luck  They are usually made with rice flour or colored powders.  However you may also you may use grass clippings, flower petals and other natural items. We talked about where we can find other radial designs in nature. Second grade created their Rangoli designs and then colored with markers. Seventh grade is currently working on Rangoli designs.  They will be creating them as a temporary design using colored rice flours.  Check out our beautiful Rangoli designs on Artsonia.
Watch this Rangoli Video.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Step by Step Peacock Drawings First Grade

Ms. Evans showed the first graders how to draw pug tails, which is an element of the Henna art that some of the other classes were doing.  We spent some time practicing how to make the pug tails and joining  them together, so we would be able to make the peacock's tail beautiful.  To make the body we first traced a circle for the body, then a smaller one for the head.  The next step was to add all the details.  Check out the rest of the classes peacocks on Artsonia